Particularly Harriett Chadwick, we all know practically nothing in regards to the actual life and you can event out-of Amanda Line Hammond

Particularly Harriett Chadwick, we all know practically nothing in regards to the actual life and you can event out-of Amanda Line Hammond

? Click on this link toward Word file together with the certificates, newspaper content, and you can wonderful photographs that is included with that it profile]

Currently he is enjoying an extended marriage journey, and in case that’s finished might make permanent home on Port Hammond, Uk Columbia

She was born in 1855 in Wilmington, and died in 1933 at the New Castle County Hospital after a several-month’s stay (Feb 23-May 7), of cancer of the bowels (and gangrene of both feet). She was white, 78 years old at death, and a widow. She lived most of her life in Wilmington, but spent about 6 years (perhaps more) in the town of Port Hammond, British Columbia, Canada, from when she was married in 1903 to sometime after her husband’s death in 1909. She then moved back to Wilmington. She never had any children, as she didn’t marry for the first time until she 48 years old. However, like Harriett Chadwick, she came from an interesting, well-known, and well-to-do family in Wilmington, and she married a very prominent Canadian man who helped found the community of Port Hammond in British Columbia. In addition, her siblings led interesting/unusual lives, and we can add some context to her life by exploring her relatives. It is not clear why she ended up at Je li web stranica muslima zakonito the NCCH Cemetery, given her upper class origins. Amanda was the daughter of Bernard Row and Sophia Richenberger Row. Both the Rows and the Richenberger were prominent families who came from Bavaria, in Germany, immigrating first to Baltimore, and later, some members of the family moved to Wilmington. The story of both families is told in a book about the history of the Jewish community in Wilmington, Delaware. Sophia Richenberger had emigrated to the United States in 1848. Bernard Row was born on October 20, 1818 in Bavaria. He emigrated to the United States in 1832 at the age of 14, staying first with relatives in Baltimore, Maryland. His brother Joseph was also living in Baltimore with his wife Sarah Richenberger Row and several children. In 1999, a book by Toni Young was published that provides information about the Row and Richenberger families in Baltimore and Wilmington. The book is titled To get American, Leftover Jewish: The story out of Wilmington, Delaware’s Basic Jewish People, 1879-1924. Chapter One, “By Way of Background,” says of Wilmington’s Jews in the mid-nineteenth century:

  • Joseph – created inside 1851, died for the 1916 [never partnered, zero college students]
  • Helen Paulina – born during the 1853, passed away for the 1877 from the period of 24 [2 youngsters]
  • Amanda – born during the 1855, died when you look at the 1933 [no pupils]
  • Isaac Lewis – created during the 1857 or 1858, passed away within the 1936 [no pupils]
  • Henrietta – born ~ December 1859, died into the 1944 [never hitched, no students]
  • Henry B. “Harry” – produced in the 1863, died during the 1925 [never partnered, zero children]

We understand he try residing Westminster, Canada by the 1881, and with his cousin situated the city you to definitely drill the identity, Vent Hammond

Another type of declaration comes from November several, 1903, the brand new Early morning Development: “anda Row from the town, and you will John Hammond out-of Canada, were hitched on Agassiz, British Columbia, into the evening out-of Oct 23, this new Rev. J.An excellent. Laing officiating. This new bride is actually a proper-recognized younger woman here, are a sibling from Lewis, Jomond, her spouse, are a prominent providers guy away from Port Hammond. John Hammond was born toward June 22, 1836, within the Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, The united kingdomt, to William Hammond and E Loudonsack Hammond. However was basically 67 yrs . old, and you can Amanda are forty eight, therefore was the initial matrimony both for. That they had zero pupils to one another. I have factual statements about their lifestyle and you can relationship of a post regarding the brothers printed in 2000 and you will had written regarding the United kingdom Columbia Historical Development, a journal of one’s BC Historic Federation [Vol. 33, No. cuatro, ISBN 1195-8294]. The content is authored by H.B. (Barry) Pure cotton, in fact it is named “The fresh Hammond Brothers and you will Vent Hammond, and you can takes up users six-8 of your own on the web newsletter [ Mr. Pure cotton produces:

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