A good. 84-171 changed applicable big date regarding Could possibly get 17, 1982, so you can March 13, 1984; P

A good. 84-171 changed applicable big date regarding Could possibly get 17, 1982, so you can March 13, 1984; P

Good. 93-87 altered appropriate time of February twenty-eight, 1991, to Summer 2, 1993, active Summer 2, 1993; P

(b) Every , or even good apart from the household help referee signing up for instance people in-marriage did not have direct statutory authority to solemnize marriage ceremonies within this state, try confirmed, provided the family help referee who registered particularly persons in marriage illustrated themselves otherwise herself to get a properly certified household members support referee and you can such as individuals reasonably depended up on such as icon.

(P.A beneficial. 82-166, S. step one, 4; P.A good. 84-171, S. step one, 7; P.A beneficial. 85-83, S. step 1, 2; P.An excellent. 87-587, S. thirteen, 18; P.An excellent. 89-cuatro, S. step one, 2; P. 1, 3; P.Good. 93-87, S. step one, 3; P.A beneficial. 95-6, S. step one, 3; P.An effective. 96-258, S. 4, 5; P.A beneficial. 97-ten, S. step 1, 3; P.A. 99-20, S. 1, 3; P.Good. 01-cuatro, S. step 1, 3; P.A good. 02-71, S. 3; P.Good. 03-238, S. 1; P.A. 06-195, S. 18; P.An effective. 14-146, S. 3; P.A great. 15-85, S. 5.)

An excellent. 91-twelve, S

History: P.A beneficial. 85-83 changed applicable big date out-of March 13, 1984, to help you April 29, 1985; P.An excellent. 87-587 altered appropriate go out of April 30, 1985, in order to April 19, 1987; P.Good. 89-4 altered applicable date regarding April 19, 1987, so you’re able to February thirteen, 1989; P.A. 91-a dozen changed “March thirteen, 1989” to “February 28, 1991”; P.A beneficial. 95-six altered appropriate go out regarding Summer 2, 1993, in order to April 13, 1995, active April 13, 1995; P.An effective. 96-258 altered relevant big date out-of April thirteen, 1995, so you can Summer ten, 1996, productive June ten, 1996; P.A good. 97-10 changed relevant date of Summer 10, 1996, so you can April 18, 1997, energetic April 18, 1997; P.Good. 99-20 altered applicable time out of April 18, 1997, so you’re able to Get twelve, 1999, energetic Will get several, 1999; P.An effective. 01-cuatro altered relevant go out out-of ; P.An effective. 02-71 changed appropriate day away from “ahead of , and in advance of ; P.An effective. 03-238 changed relevant go out from “into and you can after ,” to help you “before ,” making recognition subject to updates that the fairness of your own peace represented himself or by herself are a duly licensed fairness of tranquility which brand new persons entered in marriage reasonably depended on for example symbol, active ; P.Good. 06-195 produced a scientific changes and you will altered appropriate time out-of ; P.A great. 14-146 altered appropriate date out-of ; P.A. 15-85 designated existing specifications because Subsec. (a) and extra Subsec. (b) lso are validation regarding ily help referee, active .

Sec. 46b-22b. Refusal to help you solemnize or take part in service solemnizing a married relationship into spiritual basis. (a) No person in the latest clergy subscribed to become listed on persons in-marriage pursuant so you’re able to section 46b-twenty-two might be necessary to solemnize one matrimony in the pass out of his or her directly to the new totally free do so out of faith secured by the very first modification to the Us Constitution or section step 3 regarding article first of the fresh Composition of one’s state.

(b) Zero chapel otherwise licensed church-regulated business, because the discussed for the twenty-six USC 3121, should be needed to take part in a ceremony solemnizing a wedding into the admission of one’s religious beliefs of that chapel otherwise accredited church-regulated company.

Sec. 46b-23. (Formerly Sec. 46-4). Joining people in-marriage knowingly without expert. Any individual which undertakes to join persons in marriage, knowing that he is unauthorized to take action, shall be fined only five-hundred bucks otherwise imprisoned only 12 months otherwise one another.

Sec. 46b-24. (Formerly Sec. 46-5a). Licenses. Chronilogical age of validity. Penalty getting solemnization rather than permit. Legitimacy out of wedding service. (a) But just like the offered when you look at the area 46b-28a, zero individuals can be inserted in marriage within state until one another features complied to the provisions with the part, areas 46b-20a, 46b-twenty-five and you will 46b-29 so you’re able to 46b-33, comprehensive, and possess kissbrides.com Resources come provided a license by the registrar towards the city where the matrimony is going to be well known, hence licenses should sustain this new certification of the registrar your people entitled therein features complied to your specifications regarding said areas.

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