Ventress in addition to became familiar with several Jedi opponents at the beginning of the latest war-the human Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and you will Anakin Skywalker

Ventress in addition to became familiar with several Jedi opponents at the beginning of the latest war-the human Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and you will Anakin Skywalker

Certain that their particular pushes had been positioned and therefore Slick had done their obligation, she deactivated their unique firearms and you may sat on the floor

First meeting them inside the goal so you can Cato Neimoidia, the two was indeed noticed a few of the Republic’s ideal heroes and you may Ventress found enjoy opportunities to exchange verbal barbs with Kenobi and you may conocer influences that have Skywalker. Her tips when you look at the battle constituted combat criminal activities according to Republic law, and you may she turned a requested contour of the the Galactic Senate and also the Jedi Purchase.

Enemy of one’s Republic [ ]

“Ventress. That is where I was thinking it goal would be unpleasant.””Brand new pleasure’s all exploit, my personal beloved Obi-Wan. I have missed your.” ?Obi-Wan Kenobi and you will Asajj Ventress

Soon to your combat, the fresh Confederacy relocated to assume control of significant hyperspace routes to help you independent the latest Republic’s Core Globes regarding the almost all its forces in the Outside Rim Territories. Dooku and you may Sidious, eager to mine their advantage and you will weaken new Jedi’s reputation, hatched a story to show Jabba the fresh new Hutt, chief of your own Huge Hutt Council as well as the crime categories of brand new Hutt Clan, contrary to the Jedi together with Republic. The first mission of your design were to guarantee the Jedi was embroiled inside enough time, drawn-aside methods regarding the External Rim and you can struggling to combat the brand new fundamentally everyday injustices that have been after its appeal. Ventress contributed one efforts on Christophsis, a resource-steeped crystalline entire world allied on the Republic. Which have Separatist military leaders General Whorm Loathsom and you will Admiral Trench during the their side, she provided their race droid forces in an attack of globe, fighting nearby society and putting waste so you can a major urban area. The fresh new humanitarian crisis caused brand new Republic’s Senator Bail Organa to help you release relief energy to own Christophsis’ people, however, he too arrived under violence regarding Confederacy.

Trench’s blockade off Christophsis are in the course of time broken of the a fleet provided by Generals Kenobi and you may Skywalker, exactly who introduced a counter-strategy on the surface to beat right back the brand new Separatist armies. So you’re able to mistake their efforts, Ventress bribed the newest clone trooper Sergeant Slick, promising him wealth and you may freedom from servitude in return for divulging Republic movements and method on the planet. His information was fruitful and you will contributed to of numerous loss to the Jedi-led task force. The existence of a security breach was realized by generals as well as their lieutenants immediately following trying to find categorized cleverness throughout the memory away from the brand new seized T-series tactical droid TJ-55. Smooth learned of its knowledge and you may advised Ventress that the Jedi was heading trailing adversary outlines to search for information about brand new breach; the guy at the same time went towards hiding from the Republic ft whenever you are organizing to help you sabotage their munitions depot.

Ventress bought their forces to face down and enable new Jedi in order to infiltrate the latest Confederate head office, and this occupied a massive tower on main city. So you can disturb the new Jedi if you find yourself Advanced sabotaged its ft and you will good huge army from droid reinforcements landed to the Christophsis, she confronted Kenobi and you may Skywalker on the upper floor of tower and you may interested all of them for the an aggressive lightsaber duel. She taunted the 2 about the life away from their informant just before fleeing into an adjacent space in which she utilized the Force so you’re able to hurl numerous courses and you will rubble during the their unique opponents. The Jedi telekinetically turned brand new attack up against their, pelting Ventress to your projectiles and you will appear to forcing a throw in the towel. Since the Kenobi and you can Skywalker contacted, she reactivated their particular knives on the floor, opening an opening that Skywalker and you can Kenobi dropped with the. She teased both just before exploding away from a screen and you may fleeing up on perch atop an octuptarra tri-droid which was scaling new tower. Ahead of her, several C-9979 getting pastime was basically bringing their particular invasion force with the urban area. This new searching for Jedi was in fact shocked by the Separatist reinforcements but nonetheless were able to eliminate once cutting the fresh base out-of Ventress’ octuptarra droid.

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